2014 November meeting

AGM followed by talk by Ron Rose

With 52 years in the trade, Ron will talk about What a Clock Repairer Collects!


When asked about this he gave the following reply:-

‘It was often implied that I must have a marvellous collection at home. Well No, actually, as every time I brought home a clock and loved it, someone would bring in a better one for repair shortly after, and shatter the appeal of my own! So I do collect but not conventionally. My collection is “all sorts”, ingenuity, things which tell a story, one offs or things where I have yet to come across another. No Tompions, Quares or Breguets as they are much too common (what other reason could there be?).

Open any horological book and lots of these appear. My collection of bits would take a lot more searching, but they have a value —– “priceless”. I guarantee there will be something that every single person in the room, not only has never seen before, but will never see again in their lifetime! Or I’ll give you your money back!!’

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