2014 March meeting

Polishing metals a talk by Mr Adrian Garner


Adrian is the Chairman of the Society of Model and Experimental Engineers, SMEE for short.  Like many youngsters, he played with model railways but he became more interested in the mechanisms and the gear wheels which led to his long time interest in clock making.

He was awarded the Claude B. Reeve Trophy for a beautifully executed Congreve rolling ball clock at the Model Engineer Exhibition, Sandown Park 2010 and has had articles published in both the Horological Journal and the Model Engineer magazine.

Whilst we all recognize a polished surface, Adrian discussed the problems in defining the characteristics of a polished surface both from a theoretical and practical point of view.  He then described and illustrated the methods he uses, including some less conventional approaches, to obtaining polished surfaces on brass and steel components whilst retaining their shape and avoiding rounded edges, dimples and other blemishes.

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