2021 February Meeting

4th February 2021

A talk by Alan White

The Trials and Tribulations of constructing a one wheeled clock

For our February zoom meeting The South London Branch welcomes our own Alan White.

Alan will be talking about the construction of his one-wheel clock, based upon a clock by Pierre Le Roy.

July 2013, we had a meeting entitled Clockmaking in Soho, Birmingham, given by David Hornsey. We learned of a one wheeled clock, patented by Dr William Small in 1773 which appealed to Alan’s love of the unusual. On a subsequent visit to the British Museum students’ room, in September 2013 curator Oliver Cooke, showed him the Leroy one wheel clock which became the inspiration for the clock he made and will talk of tonight. The journey was not without its trials and tribulations, which I hope he will share with us.

Alan has been a branch member for many years and has served on the committee for ten years. His main interest is the construction of new clocks, he is a retired Structural and Civil Engineer. His interest in Horology began back in 1973, newly qualified he decided to take the BHI evening course in Horology at Hackney Technical College, Mare Street. This facility sadly closed in the 1990’s, But this was where Alan studied a theoretical and practical three-year course consisting of three nights a week, inspiring his love of Horology.

Meeting held on line via Zoom.