September Meeting

Via the Zoom Internet Platform: NOTE Second not first Thursday of the month!

10 September 2020: 8.00pm Start

Design and construction of a bracket clock with astronomical displays

Adrian Garner

For our September lecture Adrian Garner will take us through his four year project of designing and constructing a bracket clock showing mean time, sidereal time, the difference between solar and mean time and the period of the moon.  The clock is topped with a “Ferguson’s Paradox” tellurian.  His talk will include illustrations of some of the unusual methods needed to create this clock.

Adrian is a branch committee member and has spoken to us in the past on the topic of polishing.  He is an occasional writer for the Horological Journal and model engineering magazines, is a past chairman of the Society of Model & Experimental Engineers and, when not in the workshop, looks after our branch website.

This lecture will be delivered using the Zoom platform. Full details of how to logon to Zoom and the meeting ID and Password will be sent to members email addresses. If you have not given us your email address on your membership renewal form or it has changed please email Bill Horan:


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For information only, branch meetings, when they recommence, will be held at The White Hart Barn in Godstone.

THE WHITE HART BARN (Godstone Village Hall)



7.30pm for 8.00pm Start

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