2016 April Open day

Saturday 9th April 2016. 10am until 4pm at Soper Hall, Caterham

A unique opportunity to view demonstrations of the skills used in clock and watch making and to participate in several projects. Expert advice on related careers and courses.

Maybe you will be encouraged to join!

All ages welcome. Free entry. Free refreshments.


Read about the history and importance of time measurement. View a selection of antique tools used in making clocks and watches.
Clocks and models built by BHI members.

Cleaning, polishing, silvering a two pence piece
Make a keyring or spinning top from a two pence piece.
Working on the watchmakers lathe – balance staff turning.
Hand tools – piercing saw and files.
Engine Turning interactive demonstration.
Clockwork wheel cutting

Courses and Careers
Work from the local evening classes and workshop.
BHI short courses.
West Dean College – conservation of clocks.
British School of Watchmaking
Birmingham City University – Horology BA (Hons).
The Worshipful Company of Clockmakers.
Charles Frodsham and Co Ltd.

For Sale
Selection of coffee table books for sale.
H S Walsh horology supplies – tools and clock parts – assemble a clock from available parts (from £5)

Pop-in for complimentary tea, coffee, biscuits

4 Replies to “2016 April Open day”

  1. Hi,
    I saw your advert/article in our local CR2 magazine and noticed that your open day includes clock/watch repair demonstrations. I have a grandmother? wall clock that ironically was left by my grandmother so it’s very old. It has stopped working and I wondered whether this may be a suitable object for a demonstration on your open day. Failing that, as the clock is a family heirloom I would welcome your advice on where best to take the clock for an expert opinion.

    Many thanks. Jan

    1. We do not offer to fix peoples’ clocks on the day as the environment may conflict with professional code of conduct that many of the exhibitors are bound by. However, we are happy to give advice if you can make it on the day and maybe bring photos of the clock.

      For ‘expert opinions’ I suggest you start at the Repairs and Servicing pages on the BHI website: http://bhi.co.uk/find-a/how-to-find-a-professional which can provide a list of people who work to the BHI code of practice: http://bhi.co.uk/find-a/code-of-practice/

  2. In late January of this year, I underwent a very short watchmaking course with a Paris based company called Objectif Horlogerie. It involved disassembly and reassembly of a Swiss movement, lubrication and adjustment etc.
    I was totally rejuvenated by the experience and currently seeking a way into watch repair/clock restoration -, as a career.

    1. There is no better opportunity that I can think of for discussing career options in horology than this Open Day event. It would be well worth your time visiting the event and if you can’t find someone to speak to, ask for me and I’ll put you in touch.

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