2015 October meeting

AGM followed by a talk from our own Jack Hobson

This meeting will be a two stage event. Firstly there will be the AGM where you have the opportunity to find out the current state of branch affairs. There will be reports from the Chairman and Treasurer followed by any questions, and the election of the committee for the coming year.

Please remember to vote at the AGM you must be a member of both our Branch and the BHI at Upton Hall.

Now for our Star Turn!!

Bluffers Guide to the Strength of Materials and Heat Treatment of Steel 

Why are some materials strong and others weak? What is special about iron? What is the best heat treatment for a particular steel?
The material science behind these questions is complicated, however a good level of understanding is easy to achieve. Some simple conclusions and insights will be presented which, if recounted with confidence, will convince others (less prepared) of your expertise.

Jack Hobson is a dilettante of many disciplines including mechanical engineering, metallurgy,   blade-smithing (and recently horology). True to his name, he is Jack of all trades…

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