2015 February meeting

Owen Gilchrist

The meeting on the 5th of February will be back in our usual White Hart Barn Godstone and we are delighted to welcome the renowned horologist Mr Owen Gilchrist from the Bristol branch. Owen will be traveling complete with bench and his family to demonstrate, under the bright lights of a video projector. Owen will demonstrate assembly of the Smiths iconic calibre 1215 watch. This was one of two manufacturer’s watches that Sir Edmund Hillary wore to the summit of Everest.

Owen who studied at the Manchester BHI College alongside Roger Smith and others, will explain to us as he gives his demonstration, the history of this British timepiece. Conceived at the time of the Second World War and developed after it, the watch remained in production until the 1970s. Owen will bring an example of the early watch.

Owen will have watches for demonstration which are for sale and a number of other items, including books that would be of interest to the discerning horologist so come prepared.

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